Sarah can be booked for group training on the following subjects:

Recruitment Training: A powerful recruitment strategy created with digital intelligence. Sarah reveals a new framework to stand out from the competition and attract the best people to your business and brand.

Leadership:  Turning your vision into reality. Connecting people, creating tribes. Motivating and managing teams. Understanding the mindset of ‘difficult’ personalities. Identifying your own leadership style.  Creative problem solving. Leadership skills for strategic success.

The Power of Personal Brand: The art and business of being yourself. More on this below.

Sales Psychology 101: Because one size does not fit all.  The power of listening, buyer motivations, principles of persuasion, smoking out objections, re-framing rejection, reading customer cues: body language, personality types, styles of communication. The new sales funnel. How to grow clients for life.

Reputation Management: How to develop, manage, and protect your reputation in the real and virtual world. Understanding that customer experience now determines your brand. Identifying and measuring your customer experience at every single touch point. Learning how to avoid reputation wrecking balls.

Sales & Social Media: How to powerfully integrate your online/offline presence and marketing to accelerate your sales success. How to use social media marketing throughout the sales process to increase your influence, outshine the competition and grow your business. Social media for business that builds and maintains relationships – before, during and after the sale.

How to be Social Media Safe & Savvy: When to post, how often and which platform best suits your target market. When is the speed of ‘right’ and how to avoid the ‘urge to purge.’ Identify and understand online personality types. Learn the principles of persuasion in the world of social media for business. How to cook up great content that will both fascinate and educate your target audience.


I’ve personally witnessed Sarah Pearce’s career over the last 15 years, from her time as a top salesperson, to award-winning corporate executive, to her current role as international speaker and business coach. She has always had great integrity, an incredible work ethic and a genuine care and understanding of people that has contributed to her outstanding success

Ann Emerson – Award-winning Salesperson

Sarah is an amazing mentor and business coach and I am learning a tremendous amount working with her. I leave every session feeling positive, empowered and eager to take action. I trust her guidance and value her support immensely.

Rebecca Burt – Business Owner

I enjoyed hearing Sarah Pearce speak at a national sales conference. She captured the audience straight away with her charismatic personality. She shared cutting-edge, valuable information that left the conference attendees pumped and keen to get working on their own social media campaigns straight away

Deedee Bancroft – Managing Director

Sarah is exceptionally talented and an inspirational coach, who I have been working with regularly for a year. She gently pushes me to be the best I can in my work and encourages and challenges me to keep striving and pushing to be better. She is intuitive and has given me practical strategies to improve my business. I highly recommend her to others!

Katie Wesney – Business Owner

Sarah Pearce is an expert within the property industry. She is nurturing of the next business generation, highly driven and gets results.

Kyron Gosse, Author and Freedom Investor

Sarah Pearce is vibrant, energetic, passionate and knowledgeable about everything property and digital – a rare find in our experience!

Nigel Jeffries – Head of Trade Me Property

Sarah I absolutely enjoyed your keynote at annual conference this year. You engaged and inspired everyone in the room, just full of beautiful energy! Thank you.

Vanessa Pahau – Salesperson

Sarah Pearce strikes that perfect balance of expectation and trust that very few mentors truly achieve. She instills that unique feeling that anything is possible, while having an extremely high expectation of performance. She wholeheartedly believes and trusts that you already have what it takes to succeed and doesn’t try to change your vision or goals. She simply creates an environment that is conducive for success. I hold Sarah Pearce responsible for my rapid growth and success and anyone looking at engaging leadership training should without a doubt contact Sarah.

Jared Cooksley – Business Owner

The minute I met Sarah Pearce I knew this dynamic woman had something special to offer. Over the time I have known her she has proved me right: Innovative, creative, determined, prepared to share her knowledge and create a better industry.

Bronwyn Kay – Business Owner

Sarah is a force to be reckoned with! I have known her for some years now and can vouch for her professionalism, innovative thinking and drive to achieve the best results for her clients. Her exceptional communication (both online and offline) and skills in negotiation have helped her achieve outstanding results in recruitment. She is a motivational speaker who inspires others to succeed.

Sonia Tafilipepe – Business Owner

In my career I have spent over twenty years as a Recruiter and Trainer and have interviewed, assessed and trained hundreds of operatives and executives. I know talent, sharpness of mind and genuineness of purpose and vision when I see it. Sarah is truly gifted and affects people at a deep almost primal level – of which she seems to be unaware – this is part of her charm.

People are drawn to her, trust her, listen to her and she empowers change – she is one of those people that challenges inertia – influencing and activating people and organisations to move forward towards their goals and to achieve great things. I call her a People Whisperer. 🙂

Patricia Love – Sales and Marketing

I have really enjoyed my business meetings with Sarah over the past few years. Sarah has a passion for people and business. She has the ability to think outside the square and develop innovative methods for the recruitment and retention of personnel. Her work ethic, contagious personality and people skills are outstanding. I would not hesitate in recommending her skill set  to anyone as a coach/ mentor who could assist in taking their business to the next level.

Garry Malcolm – Business Owner

Personal Brand

What is your personal brand? Everyone has one whether they are aware of it or not. Your personal brand is all wrapped up in your identity and your reputation. It is what you are known for. It is what you stand for. It is how others think of you and speak about you when you are not in the room.

Those who succeed in today’s hyper-competitive work environment are those who have taken time to think how they would like to be seen in the world and worked strategically to accomplish that. They have differentiated their brand and become known for being their best selves.

When you are able to identify, develop and manage your personal brand you gain a competitive edge over others. Your brand becomes your marketable point of difference. It works to create trust and influence. It ultimately becomes your career insurance.

Sarah Pearce  integrates an online-offline strategy to create a powerful brand presence for her clients.