As a professional speaker in New Zealand and abroad, social strategist, Sarah Pearce, brings a new and important perspective to the topics of sales, marketing and reputation. Her conference presentation is known to be as entertaining as it is educational, empowering the audience with insights on how to manage their digital identity as a top business priority.


We had the pleasure of listening to Sarah speak at our Bayleys annual conference, a fantastic reminder of the importance of social media as well as the complications and problems it can cause if done wrong! Sarah has amazing stage presence and delivers a powerful message  with such passion.

Glenn and Carina Dick, Award-winning Business Owners

Sarah, your presentation at our annual Bayleys conference yesterday was OUTSTANDING! Really informative, fluent delivery, lots of useful information and something close to us all as we strive (and struggle), to get Social media’ RIGHT’!! Very helpful, thankyou.

Mark Williams, Salesperson

Sarah’s presentation was very well researched, easy to understand and kept the audience thoroughly engaged. I found a number of valuable points that I could immediately apply to my business to maximise my online presence. Time well spent!

Marilize Vissner, Business Owner

Sarah’s presentation about how to harness the power of social media was easy-to-follow, engaging, and not full of jargon. I recommend it for anyone looking to connect with potential customers and manage their personal or business reputation.

Ben Mack, NZ Herald Columnist

Sarah thank-you for the awesome presentation at our Bayleys conference today! The content was relevant and inspiring. I’m going to do more with my FB business page, start a regular video blog, and increase my visibility and credibility online. Thanks again!

Paulane McLean, Salesperson

I’ve personally witnessed Sarah Pearce’s career over the last 15 years, from her time as a top salesperson, to award-winning corporate executive, to her current role as international speaker and business coach. She has always had great integrity, an incredible work ethic and a genuine care and understanding of people that has contributed to her outstanding success

Ann Emerson – Award-winning Salesperson

Sarah is a hugely entertaining and engaging speaker with a message and practical tips that are relevant for anyone, no matter what business they’re in or the stage of their career.

Niki Bezzant – Editor Healthy Food Guide NZ

I enjoyed hearing Sarah Pearce speak at a national sales conference. She captured the audience straight away with her charismatic personality. She shared cutting-edge, valuable information that left the conference attendees pumped and keen to get working on their own social media campaigns straight away

Deedee Bancroft – Managing Director

Sarah Pearce is vibrant, energetic, passionate and knowledgeable about everything property and digital – a rare find in our experience!

Nigel Jeffries – Head of Trade Me Property

Sarah I absolutely enjoyed your keynote at annual conference this year. You engaged and inspired everyone in the room, just full of beautiful energy! Thank you.

Vanessa Pahau – Salesperson

Sarah is a force to be reckoned with! I have known her for some years now and can vouch for her professionalism, innovative thinking and drive to achieve the best results for her clients. Her exceptional communication (both online and offline) and skills in negotiation have helped her achieve outstanding results in recruitment. She is a motivational speaker who inspires others to succeed.

Sonia Tafilipepe – Business Owner

In my career I have spent over twenty years as a Recruiter and Trainer and have interviewed, assessed and trained hundreds of operatives and executives. I know talent, sharpness of mind and genuineness of purpose and vision when I see it. Sarah is truly gifted and affects people at a deep almost primal level – of which she seems to be unaware – this is part of her charm.

People are drawn to her, trust her, listen to her and she empowers change – she is one of those people that challenges inertia – influencing and activating people and organisations to move forward towards their goals and to achieve great things. I call her a People Whisperer. 🙂

Patricia Love – Sales and Marketing

In her conference presentation, Trust and Reputation in a Digital Age, Sarah reveals the 7 deadly sins of social media, 5 steps to building a powerful brand online, best practice for handling negative reviews, teaches how to minimize your digital shadow and how to manage your digital footprints. She explains why it is equally important to manage your brand both personally and professionally.

Drawing from content in her first book, Online Reputation: Your Most Valuable Asset in a Digital Age, Sarah shares compelling case-studies of how social media can both positively and dangerous affect real life. Her audience gather the tools needed to outshine the competition and learn how to be safe, savvy and seen in a constantly changing world.