Managing your digital identity is a top business priority today. So, how do you show up online?

As a conference and professional speaker for New Zealand and Australian business; social strategist Sarah Pearce brings a new and important perspective on the topics of sales, marketing, and reputation.



Her conference and corporate presentations are known to be as entertaining as they are educational, empowering the audience with insights on how to manage your digital identity as a top business priority.

Conference Speaker Sarah Pearce
  • I engaged Sarah as a keynote speaker for my group again this year, this time at our annual Business Owner Symposium held in Queenstown. Sarah’s first session was on Resilience, the second was on Strategic Success. She had a huge and positive impact on the business owners, which was much appreciated. Thankyou Sarah!

    Mike Pero, Mike Pero Real Estate
  • Sarah has an incredible talent to capture an audience and hold that attention for the duration of her speaking engagements. She is dynamic and her natural enthusiasm for the industry is noticeable to anyone who listens to her. I would highly recommend booking Sarah for your next event.

    Anita Dobson, Real Estate Agent
  • Sarah was the most amazing Chair at our Women in Property Leadership Summit 2017! She kept speakers to time and fielded questions from the audience with a smooth confidence. At times when the audience weren’t forthcoming, she asked informed questions of the speakers herself. Most importantly she did an incredible job of summarising the two days in her own session at the end, & helped everyone construct action plans to take back to the office. I can’t recommend Sarah enough!!

    Emily Fornieri, Liquid Learning
  • As an event manager, I can tell you Sarah Pearce is a delight to deal with — the perfect professional you would want to have on your team. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to give their audience that Wow experience!
    -Lisa Carter

    Lisa Carter, Head of Client Success at
  • Fun, fabulous and on point, what more could one ask for! Sarah has the ability to inspire people to take action and make a positive change to their business. Highly recommend her.

    Shayne Thompson, National Training Manager Bayleys
  • Sarah was a valuable speaker at our annual Bayleys conference this year. She provided useful and relevant information about social media today, along with some handy tips and easily actionable steps. She is also very motivational in her style – which has already encouraged me to take action! I’ve since looked up her website and found that to be a great source of inspiration too, sparking some ideas of my own. Thank you Sarah!

    Larissa Lynch – Salesperson
  • Sarah’s presentation at our national conference was really interesting, entertaining…and scary! The scary part being that we should be very careful how our online lives are perceived by the public, and their interpretations about us from the things we post on our social and business sites. Thanks, Sarah, for the great information and some fantastic ideas: relevant to all of us, both personally and professionally.

    Robyn Brown, Salesperson
  • We had the pleasure of listening to Sarah speak at our Bayleys annual conference, a fantastic reminder of the importance of social media as well as the complications and problems it can cause if done wrong! Sarah has amazing stage presence and delivers a powerful message  with such passion.

    Glenn and Carina Dick, Award-winning Business Owners
  • Sarah, your presentation at our annual Bayleys conference yesterday was OUTSTANDING! Really informative, fluent delivery, lots of useful information and something close to us all as we strive (and struggle), to get Social media’ RIGHT’!! Very helpful, thankyou.

    Mark Williams, Salesperson
  • Sarah’s presentation was very well researched, easy to understand and kept the audience thoroughly engaged. I found a number of valuable points that I could immediately apply to my business to maximise my online presence. Time well spent!

    Marilize Vissner, Business Owner
  • Sarah’s presentation about how to harness the power of social media was easy-to-follow, engaging, and not full of jargon. I recommend it for anyone looking to connect with potential customers and manage their personal or business reputation.

    Ben Mack, NZ Herald Columnist
  • Sarah thank-you for the awesome presentation at our Bayleys conference today! The content was relevant and inspiring. I’m going to do more with my FB business page, start a regular video blog, and increase my visibility and credibility online. Thanks again!

    Paulane McLean, Salesperson

In her conference presentation, Trust and Reputation in a Digital Age, Sarah reveals the deadly sins of social media, 5 steps to building a powerful brand online, best practice for handling negative reviews, and provides an outline to minimize your digital shadow while managing your digital footprint.

Attendees leave these presentations understanding fully why it is equally important to manage your brand both personally and professionally.

Drawing from content in her first book, Online Reputation: Your Most Valuable Asset in a Digital Age, the business author and blogger shares compelling case-studies of how social media can either positively or negatively affect users real life (IRL). Her audience gather the tools and confidence needed to outshine the competition and learn how to be safe, savvy and seen in a constantly changing world

You can also get more insights into personal branding, social media + reputation management,  leadership and all things online from Sarah’s business blog here.

Sarah Pearce