Strategist, business speakerblogger / writer and business author, Sarah Pearce, empowers readers of her book, Online Reputation: Your Most Valuable Asset in a Digital Age, with the tools and insights to keep them safe and seen online.

Why is this information so important today?

Because the internet has changed everything.

More and more people are online – the statistics are staggering! As a result, customer behavior and expectation have changed, and to survive in business you must keep up.

Like it or not, your digital footprint now carries more weight than your business ‘About’ page because what people say about you and your business online has become a powerful reflection of your integrity, reliability, and skill.  Success requires understanding how to carefully manage your identity, both personally and professionally. If you don’t, you allow your competition to gain a powerful (and often dangerous) advantage.

In this book, you will: Learn how to proactively develop a powerful online brand presence while avoiding reputation-wrecking balls.

Discover the key to creating and maintaining a positive persona on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Uncover the seven deadly sins of online behavior and gather the tools needed to outshine the competition.

And, learn from compelling case studies how online behaviour can both positively and dangerously affect offline (real) life.

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Her second book, Real Deals in High Heels: Real Women, Real Stories, Real Estate, is a collection of insider interviews, designed to help and support those embarking on a new career within the real estate industry.

Real Deals in High Heels tells twelve real-life stories of women in the real estate industry in New Zealand who share the realities of everyday life by way of insider interviews. The reader will discover why these women started in real estate, what they love about it, their challenges, funny stories and what they’ve learned along the way.

Real Deals in High Heels celebrates women in real estate and how far they have come, their relevance and successes, having now established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.



You could risk spending a small fortune on reputation damage control or you could simply read this book. A comprehensive look at the do’s and don’ts when it comes to the age of digital reputation with scary case studies to ensure you are kept on your toes. This is a must-read for any business or individual who uses social media and the Internet as a tool and will become a go-to manual for all to abide by. Whether you are a beginner or think you are a pro – there is huge take-home value in this timely read.

Jimmy Murray, CEO, Property Noise Group (NZ)

The premise is pretty straightforward: Whether you’re a brand, an individual or a “brandividual”, online reputation is an increasingly influential contributor to your success. Or failure.

Sarah Pearce provides a handy framework for taking control over how you and your brand are known online and shows you how to build a trusted online presence with a foundation too strong for a reputation-wrecking ball to penetrate. It is a great and “must do” read for anyone involved in the digital world – and these days that is just about everyone.

– Phillip Quay, CEO, MediaPA

Make no mistake, right or wrong, the Internet has become word of mouth on steroids. With this in mind, smart people will educate themselves with tips, tactics, and strategies on how to combat and protect your greatest asset online – your reputation. Your education starts with this book and I recommend you read it today to protect yourself and your brand from becoming “Digital Dust”. 

Scott Wilson, Head of Sales & Marketing, Digital Influence

Many businesses worry about their online reputation – and with good reason, because a careless tweet, candid Instagram photo, or humorous Facebook post can destroy a reputation that took years to build. But most businesses don’t know how to protect, preserve, and enhance their reputation. Sarah Pearce has the answer! This book is a ‘must-have’ reference for anybody who cares about their online reputation.

Gihan Perera, Futurist and Speaker