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Conference speaker, Sarah Pearce, is sought after by many organisations for her unique blend of knowledge in business and digital reputation. In her conference presentation: ‘Trust and Reputation in a Digital Age’ Sarah teaches the business community how to be safe, seen and relevant in a rapidly changing world.
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Sarah Pearce is a business strategist. She works with her clients on a regular, one to one basis, either in face to face meetings or via Skype. She helps people and businesses be seen, heard and profitable. Her business development strategy is made up of 3 steps: awareness, action and accountability. First she listens, helping you clearly define your goals. Next, she tailors a business strategy, specific to your needs. Then she keeps you accountable, monitoring your success every step of the way.
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Sarah Pearce specialises in people and business development. She trains both large and small groups on a variety of topics that include leadership development, resilience training, corporate culture and communication, customer experience – creation and implementation, workplace well-being, social media strategy, branding, and sales psychology. She teaches business skills and mindset right through the tiers: from a front-line, customer facing role, through to middle management, corporate executives, and senior leadership.
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In Sarah Pearce’s first book, Online Reputation: Your Most Valuable Asset in A Digital Age, her readers uncover the seven deadly sins of social media and gather the tools needed to outshine their competition, both online and in real life. Learn from compelling case studies how social media can destroy a good reputation in an instant – and what you must do to protect your own.
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  • As an event manager, I can tell you Sarah Pearce is a delight to deal with — the perfect professional you would want to have on your team. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to give their audience that Wow experience!
    -Lisa Carter

    Lisa Carter, Head of Client Success at
  • Sarah Pearce’s collaborative approach brings out the very best in people. And it’s not just ideas with Sarah, she also has the work ethic to see them through. Sarah has always stood out to me as someone who has the unique ability to make things happen.

    David Palfreyman – Business Owner
  • Sarah was a key note speaker at our national group conference. Her compelling presentation took us through the importance of online branding, with clear examples of what works vs what doesn’t, and taught practical solutions that anyone can use straight away to boost their digital presence.

    Chris Chapman – Director Re/Max Australasia
  • Sarah has an incredible talent to capture an audience and hold that attention for the duration of her speaking engagements. She is dynamic and her natural enthusiasm for the industry is noticeable to anyone who listens to her. I would highly recommend booking Sarah for your next event.

    Anita Dobson, Real Estate Agent
  • Sarah I absolutely enjoyed your keynote at annual conference this year. You engaged and inspired everyone in the room, just full of beautiful energy! Thank you.

    Vanessa Pahau – Salesperson
  • A personal thank you, Sarah. Your training session with our sales people touched points on so many platforms at this year’s conference. Your ability to engage the room and actively have them participating in your coaching worked perfectly. The business plan workbook you provided was perfect to take our group to the next level, and the feedback was all uplifting and positive. As a business & sales coach, speaker, social-strategist we have no hesitation in recommending you to others. Our warmest appreciation.

    Mike Pero – CEO Mike Pero Real Estate
  • Sarah and I have met twice in the space of 20 years on a professional level. Last weekend she re appeared as a barnstorming (flamboyantly energetic and successful) keynote presenter at a national conference I attended. Her presentation provided an informative and entertaining insight into the new world of technology, internet and electronic footprints. Thoroughly enjoyable. Looking Forward to seeing her energy levels in 20 years from now!

    Patrick Girvan
  • Sarah Pearce has an important message to tell. Her presentation is engaging, witty and clearly delivered, giving serious food for thought to those embarking or extending their social media profiles for business or pleasure.

    Lindsey Carroll – Managing Director
  • I engaged Sarah as a keynote speaker for my group again this year, this time at our annual Business Owner Symposium held in Queenstown. Sarah’s first session was on Resilience, the second was on Strategic Success. She had a huge and positive impact on the business owners, which was much appreciated. Thankyou Sarah!

    Mike Pero, Mike Pero Real Estate
  • Sarah’s presentation at our national conference was really interesting, entertaining…and scary! The scary part being that we should be very careful how our online lives are perceived by the public, and their interpretations about us from the things we post on our social and business sites. Thanks, Sarah, for the great information and some fantastic ideas: relevant to all of us, both personally and professionally.

    Robyn Brown, Salesperson
  • Sarah has been my business coach for over a year now. I look forward to our regular meetings and always feel positive and energised afterwards. She has this uncanny ability to get to the bottom of any issues and steer me in the right direction to solve them. She also ensures I take action. Sarah is my conscience and my biggest supporter when business is challenging.

    Dianne Barlow, Business Owner
  • We were fortunate enough to have Sarah Pearce as one of our presenters at two of our national business leaders conference now. Sarah always provides excellent content and very valuable information. Thank you, Sarah.

    Judy Dixon-Hurlston – Business Owner
  • I enjoyed hearing Sarah Pearce speak at a national sales conference. She captured the audience straight away with her charismatic personality. She shared cutting-edge, valuable information that left the conference attendees pumped and keen to get working on their own social media campaigns straight away

    Deedee Bancroft – Managing Director
  • Sarah thank-you for the awesome presentation at our Bayleys conference today! The content was relevant and inspiring. I’m going to do more with my FB business page, start a regular video blog, and increase my visibility and credibility online. Thanks again!

    Paulane McLean, Salesperson
  • Sarah Pearce strikes that perfect balance of expectation and trust that very few mentors truly achieve. She instills that unique feeling that anything is possible, while having an extremely high expectation of performance. She wholeheartedly believes and trusts that you already have what it takes to succeed and doesn’t try to change your vision or goals. She simply creates an environment that is conducive for success. I hold Sarah Pearce responsible for my rapid growth and success and anyone looking at engaging leadership training should without a doubt contact Sarah.

    Jared Cooksley – Business Owner
  • Sarah was the most amazing Chair at our Women in Property Leadership Summit 2017! She kept speakers to time and fielded questions from the audience with a smooth confidence. At times when the audience weren’t forthcoming, she asked informed questions of the speakers herself. Most importantly she did an incredible job of summarising the two days in her own session at the end, & helped everyone construct action plans to take back to the office. I can’t recommend Sarah enough!!

    Emily Fornieri, Liquid Learning
  • I’ve always been the person within my group of friends & family who always has her shit together. Organised, ambitious, always there for everyone.

    Somewhere along the way I forgot about myself. I was working harder and it was taking a toll on me physically and mentally. Without realising I parked my goals in storage to be there for everyone else. By the time I realised what was happening, I was stuck.

    Sarah reminds me to be kind to myself. She keeps me focused on me and my goals. We put strategies in place to keep me on track and discuss outcomes at every meeting. In between meeting she checks in to see how I am. Her guidance, business knowledge & enthusiasm to see me grow has helped me refocus & aided my confidence.

    I’m still on my journey, learning as I go, adjusting to changes I’ve made but this time I’m focused on my growth. Thank you Sarah

  • Sarah is a force to be reckoned with! I have known her for some years now and can vouch for her professionalism, innovative thinking and drive to achieve the best results for her clients. Her exceptional communication (both online and offline) and skills in negotiation have helped her achieve outstanding results in recruitment. She is a motivational speaker who inspires others to succeed.

    Sonia Tafilipepe – Business Owner
  • Sarah is amazing. She breaks things down into manageable size chunks and her advice makes complete sense. It is a relief to now have a plan in place. I left the meeting very excited about the future and feeling in control of my own destiny.

    Patsy Hobson – Business Owner
  • Sarah was a valuable speaker at our annual Bayleys conference this year. She provided useful and relevant information about social media today, along with some handy tips and easily actionable steps. She is also very motivational in her style – which has already encouraged me to take action! I’ve since looked up her website and found that to be a great source of inspiration too, sparking some ideas of my own. Thank you Sarah!

    Larissa Lynch – Salesperson
  • Fun, fabulous and on point, what more could one ask for! Sarah has the ability to inspire people to take action and make a positive change to their business. Highly recommend her.

    Shayne Thompson, National Training Manager Bayleys
  • Sarah’s presentation was very well researched, easy to understand and kept the audience thoroughly engaged. I found a number of valuable points that I could immediately apply to my business to maximise my online presence. Time well spent!

    Marilize Vissner, Business Owner
  • Sarah, your presentation at our annual Bayleys conference yesterday was OUTSTANDING! Really informative, fluent delivery, lots of useful information and something close to us all as we strive (and struggle), to get Social media’ RIGHT’!! Very helpful, thankyou.

    Mark Williams, Salesperson
  • Sarah’s presentation about how to harness the power of social media was easy-to-follow, engaging, and not full of jargon. I recommend it for anyone looking to connect with potential customers and manage their personal or business reputation.

    Ben Mack, NZ Herald Columnist
  • Sarah not only has her own inspiring journey to share but the experience of working alongside some of the best business owners right throughout the real estate industry. She has a wealth of knowledge to share, a warm but real approach to business strategy, and a personality that you just can’t help but love to be around.

    Josephine Kinsella – General Manager Unitec International
  • In my career I have spent over twenty years as a Recruiter and Trainer and have interviewed, assessed and trained hundreds of operatives and executives. I know talent, sharpness of mind and genuineness of purpose and vision when I see it. Sarah is truly gifted and affects people at a deep almost primal level – of which she seems to be unaware – this is part of her charm.

    People are drawn to her, trust her, listen to her and she empowers change – she is one of those people that challenges inertia – influencing and activating people and organisations to move forward towards their goals and to achieve great things. I call her a People Whisperer. 🙂

    Patricia Love – Sales and Marketing
  • Sarah Pearce and I worked together at the Corporate Head Office for Ray White New Zealand. I must admit that of all of the team, Sarah was my favourite person to work with, she is an innovative forward-thinking person, who is not afraid to try new ideas. She is not only a leader, but a team player – someone who generates interest and support from the rest of the team through her infectious, positive energy and enthusiasm. She is always quick to acknowledge team support as success is realised. In the time that I worked with Sarah, I witnessed her get a number of important projects off the ground, where others had failed to do so. This was largely due to her superior ability to truly listen to customers, identify how we could better assist them and find ways to deliver results. I would not hesitate to work with Sarah again and would recommend her to anyone.

    Charlotte Kofoed – Salesperson
  • I’ve personally witnessed Sarah Pearce’s career over the last 15 years, from her time as a top salesperson, to award-winning corporate executive, to her current role as international speaker and business coach. She has always had great integrity, an incredible work ethic and a genuine care and understanding of people that has contributed to her outstanding success

    Ann Emerson – Award-winning Salesperson
  • Sarah is exceptionally talented and an inspirational coach, who I have been working with regularly for a year. She gently pushes me to be the best I can in my work and encourages and challenges me to keep striving and pushing to be better. She is intuitive and has given me practical strategies to improve my business. I highly recommend her to others!

    Katie Wesney – Business Owner
  • Sarah was a presenter at our regional (Asia, Pacific, Middle East, Africa offices) conference this year & the feedback was outstanding. She delivered up to date information we needed in a way that was easy to understand & with great takeaways. Examples of reviews: “Fabulous! Great overview and actionable steps to follow!”, “Excellent presentation. I learnt a lot about the importance of using social media”, “Awesome insight and presentation”. Sarah Pearce delivered a professional fast moving and easily comprehended seminar. Hope to see her at future conferences.

    Wayne Howett – CEO Ronald McDonald House Charites NZ
  • Sarah is an amazing mentor and business coach and I am learning a tremendous amount working with her. I leave every session feeling positive, empowered and eager to take action. I trust her guidance and value her support immensely.

    Rebecca Burt – Business Owner
  • Sarah Pearce is an expert within the property industry. She is nurturing of the next business generation, highly driven and gets results.

    Kyron Gosse, Author and Freedom Investor
  • Sarah is an energiser bunny with a passion for life. I had the pleasure of working with her in the creation of YPIRE (Young Professionals In Real Estate) and without her motivation, ideas and support we wouldn’t be where we are at today. Her ability to make things happen is amazing!

    Rick Hale – Salesperson
  • Sarah is an outstanding coach & guide. She has a fresh approach and some fantastic marketing ideas & loads of connections in the real estate industry.. Its great to learn from someone with such extensive experiences and wisdom

    Chelsea Gudsell, Award-winning Salesperson
  • We have engaged Sarah Pearce as our conference speaker 3 times now. Firstly at our National Shareholders Conference in Auckland, then at our annual North Island and South Island, GEM Award Conferences. Sarah is a polished and engaging speaker with a very important message for the business world today. Her presentations were met with great enthusiasm from our group and the feedback was outstanding.

    Bob Brereton – CEO First National NZ
  • When I started my franchise I was gifted an initial business coaching session with Sarah paid for by the franchisor. Sarah has very quickly re-calibrated my mind and subsequently how I act.  She has removed my fear of failure to the extent that I would rather phone clients now than email and I find myself proactively networking and raising awareness about my business at every opportunity.  I have a strategy and a plan of action … and I’m actually doing it! I am in a completely different space and with a level of determination that I’ve never experienced before. Sarah is the person who has created this confident, productive new me – and I love it.

    Stuart McDonald – Business Owner
  • I have really enjoyed my business meetings with Sarah over the past few years. Sarah has a passion for people and business. She has the ability to think outside the square and develop innovative methods for the recruitment and retention of personnel. Her work ethic, contagious personality and people skills are outstanding. I would not hesitate in recommending her skill set  to anyone as a coach/ mentor who could assist in taking their business to the next level.

    Garry Malcolm – Business Owner
  • Sarah Pearce is a ‘big picture thinker.’ She understands people and intuitively knows the best way to help them. Her key strengths are in her ability to lead and influence win-win outcomes. Sarah has a way of putting anyone she meets at ease.

    Karen Stent – Organisational Development
  • I have been working with Sarah as my business mentor for two years now. She has an ability to relate to her clients and their businesses, bringing real world examples to her coaching. She succinctly cuts through the chafe to the heart of the matter, and provides practical guidance with time specific action plans. Sarah is empathetic and client focused and I look forward to continuing to work with her.

    Liz Blake, Business Owner
  • We engaged Sarah to address our annual conference of childcare centre owners, managers and teaching staff. She had them enthralled, disturbed and captivated from the outset. A great and engaging presenter with very welcome take-home messages and practical advice. Loved it.
    Peter Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer of the Early Childhood Council
  • Sarah Pearce is vibrant, energetic, passionate and knowledgeable about everything property and digital – a rare find in our experience!

    Nigel Jeffries – Head of Trade Me Property
  • I have known Sarah for the last decade in her role as a salesperson and later in her national corporate role as NZ Growth and Relationship Executive with Ray White. As a salesperson Sarah was fearless: driven to achieve her goals whilst simultaneously showing a softness and empathy for her clients that won their hearts. Excellent communication and customer service was the backbone of Sarah’s outstanding sales career. I saw these same skills later translate seamlessly into her corporate role: opening doors that others couldn’t and allowing her to connect people, create team harmony and develop leaders and industry groups. In particular I witnessed Sarah working with business owners in a region where there had long been a culture of friction and fighting. Within a short time Sarah was able to encourage and develop a genuinely tight knit community with relationships conducive to their brand and business success

    Glenn Carpenter – Business Owner
  • I just attended the 2nd Women in Telco and Technology facilitated by Sarah. Her style and insights were absolutely perfect for the event. Every insight she provided to delegates showed her level of experience, and talent for coaching, facilitating and growing people’s leadership. Excellent!

    Pauline Hampshire, Field CIO – ASEAN region at Cisco
  • Sarah has been my business mentor for over a year. Our regular meetings keep me focused and inspired to be the best that I can be. With her honest diagnosis, firm push and gentle persuasion, I leave every meeting ready to take action. The after-meeting support and followup is priceless. Thank you Sarah, you are a special person.

    Suzanne Hill, Business Owner
  • We had the pleasure of listening to Sarah speak at our Bayleys annual conference, a fantastic reminder of the importance of social media as well as the complications and problems it can cause if done wrong! Sarah has amazing stage presence and delivers a powerful message  with such passion.

    Glenn and Carina Dick, Award-winning Business Owners
  • We have twice now engaged Sarah Pearce as keynote speaker for our annual conference. Her communication style is always effective and tailored to the audience. The feedback from all attendees (regardless their role) was extremely positive. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement or corporate training.

    Hannah McQueen – CEO enableMe NZ
  • Sarah Pearce is one of those people who can start an entire industry group from scratch – as if it were all in a day’s work- or get up on stage in front of hundreds of people and have the audience hanging off her every word. I have seen both of these things first hand. I would like to think of Sarah as one of the ‘lucky ones’ who effortlessly influences, embraces and changes people or businesses for the better – but I know luck has nothing to do with it. There’s a ton of hard work, experience and dedication that goes in behind it all.

    Zac Snelling – Corporate Executive
  • Sarah Pearce is an engaging and intelligent speaker who makes the topic of social media something you want to sit up and listen to. Sarah presented to our network of executive women and her presentation resonated with members who found Sarah helpful, authentic, professional and with a clear message on the importance of social media for each of our businesses.

    Gretchen Williamson – Craigs Investment Partners
  • I had the pleasure of watching Sarah deliver a powerful presentation on the importance of having a strong online presence to a large group at the annual Early Childhood Council Conference. Complete with valuable lessons and relevant case studies, Sarah engaged her audience for the duration of the presentation with thought-provoking content and practical steps for managing your digital presence by utilising the power of social media. Informative, entertaining, and motivating – I can highly recommend Sarah as an excellent speaker.

    Jamie Lainson, Zesty Design
  • The minute I met Sarah Pearce I knew this dynamic woman had something special to offer. Over the time I have known her she has proved me right: Innovative, creative, determined, prepared to share her knowledge and create a better industry.

    Bronwyn Kay – Business Owner
  • Sarah is a hugely entertaining and engaging speaker with a message and practical tips that are relevant for anyone, no matter what business they’re in or the stage of their career.

    Niki Bezzant – Editor Healthy Food Guide NZ