Real Estate Recruitment Training

Recruitment in a Social Age

A powerful recruitment strategy created with digital intelligence

In real estate recruitment it’s not just finding great prospects that’s the issue, it’s finding great prospects who want to talk to you! How do you make someone interested? Then how do you successfully take them from rapport through to recruit? And how do you roll this out in a world transformed by new technology and dominated by online activities?

Social strategist and author, Sarah Pearce, reveals a new framework to stand out from the competition and attract the best people to your business. Backed by an award-winning career in both real estate sales and real estate recruitment at a national, executive level, Sarah teaches actionable steps for success, that are now also packed with digital insights and practical advice.

Half day workshops for large and small groups: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Also available as one-on-one business leader mentoring sessions.

Contact Sarah to tailor a training format that best suits your business needs.