About Sarah

Sarah Pearce SpeakerSarah Pearce is a professional speaker, business coach & social strategist. She is known for her successful career over the past 15 years, ​the ​recipient of many awards, both national and international. The first decade saw her as a high profile top salesperson with an extensive television media profile, including co-presenting a prime time TV series as national Property Expert. Sarah then left sales to accept a national, executive role within the same brand​,​ where she looked after growth:​ running new ​business ​acquisition, recruitment strategy, and working with struggling offices to rebuild morale and success capabilities.

sarah ypire pic 4Into the next five years, Sarah’s responsibilities grew to include leadership development, business mentoring, and creating a​ new​ industry wide group for young real estate professionals.  One of her greatest tools for success is her networking prowess, developed throughout her sales career, followed by her TV presenter years, then into her corporate role, visiting hundreds of offices​ all over New Zealand​, and then using social media as a powerful platform to build and maintain contacts and connections. Sarah now brings a wealth of experience into the digital space, passionate about new technology and convinced that businesses must embrace it too if they wish to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. Given that social media is essentially relationship building, connecting and engaging online it was no surprise to anyone that Sarah took to this so readily, earning several new qualifications and the skills to maximise it’s value in the business world.​

sarah_speakingIn her first book, Online Reputation: Your Most Valuable Asset in a Digital Age, Sarah teaches her readers how to proactively develop a powerful online brand presence, while avoiding reputation wrecking balls.  In 2016, Sarah wrote her second book: Real Deals in High Heels: Real Women: Real Stories, Real Estate. This is a collection of insider interviews, designed to help and support those beginning a career in property. It also celebrates the role of women within real estate, how far they have come, their relevances and successes.

Sarah is now a professional speaker, but also works one on one as a ​business ​coach and ​mentor, specializing in digital strategies such as personal branding, social media marketing and digital P.R​​. ​The following testimonials speak to the unique way ​she has for seeing right through to the core of people and situations, with the wisdom and insight to help fast track their growth and success.

What Others Say About Sarah

“Sarah not only has her own inspiring journey to share but the experience of working alongside some of the best business owners right throughout the real estate industry. She has a wealth of knowledge to share, a warm but real approach to business strategy, and a personality that you just can’t help but love to be around.”

Josephine Kinsella, National General Manager, Mike Pero

“Sarah was a key note speaker at our national group conference. Her compelling presentation took us through the importance of online branding, with clear examples of what works vs what doesn’t, and taught practical solutions that anyone can use straight away to boost their digital presence.”
Chris Chapman, Director Re/Max Australasia

“We have engaged Sarah Pearce as our keynote speaker 3 times now. Firstly at our National Shareholders Conference in Auckland, then at our annual North Island, and later our annual South Island GEM Award Conferences, held in Auckland and Christchurch. Sarah is a polished and engaging speaker with a very important message for the business world today. Her keynote presentations were met with great enthusiasm from our group and the feedback was outstanding.”

– Bob Brereton, CEO First National, New Zealand

“Sarah Pearce is an engaging and intelligent speaker who makes the topic of social media something you want to sit up and listen to. Sarah presented to our network of executive women and her presentation resonated with members who found Sarah helpful, authentic, professional and with a clear message on the importance of social media for each of our businesses.”.”
Gretchen Williamson, Craigs Investment Partners 

Our warmest appreciation, Sarah. Your training touched points on so many platforms at this year’s annual conference, held in the Gold Coast. Your ability to engage the room and have them actively participating in the topic was a perfect way to take our team to the next level of learning. The feedback was all uplifting and positive. As a business coach, speaker, and social strategist we have no hesitation in recommending you to others.
Mike Pero, CEO Mike Pero Real Estate  -Josephine Kinsella, General Manager.

“Sarah is amazing. She breaks things down into manageable size chunks and her advice makes complete sense. It is a relief to now have a plan in place.”

– Patsy Hobson, Financial Advisor

“We were fortunate enough to have Sarah Pearce as one of our presenters at our national business leaders conference last week. Excellent content and very valuable information. Thank you, Sarah.”
-Judy Dixon-Hurlston, First National, Business Owner

“Sarah I absolutely enjoyed your keynote at annual conference this year. You engaged and inspired everyone in the room, just full of beautiful energy! I would love to stay in touch.”

-Vanessa Pahau 

“Sarah Pearce is a ‘big picture thinker.’ She understands people and intuitively knows the best way to help them. Her key strengths are in her ability to lead and influence win-win outcomes. Sarah has a way of putting anyone she meets at ease.”

– Karen Stent, Organisational Development and Coaching

When I started my franchise I was gifted an initial business coaching session with Sarah paid for by the franchisor. Sarah has very quickly re-calibrated my mind and subsequently how I act.  She has removed my fear of failure to the extent that I would rather phone clients now than email and I find myself proactively networking and raising awareness about my business at every opportunity.  I have a strategy and a plan of action … and I’m actually doing it! I am in a completely different space and with a level of determination that I’ve never experienced before. Sarah is the person who has created this confident, productive new me – and I love it.

– Stuart McDonald, Financial advisor

Wow, what a breath of fresh air Sarah Pearce is. Genuine, honest, sharp as a tack and a hell of a lot of fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor, coach, friend and confidante to help me improve my business and my life.”

– Becs Peacocke, Barfoots

I have known Sarah for the last decade in her role as a salesperson and later in her national corporate role as NZ Growth and Relationship Executive with Ray White. As a salesperson Sarah was fearless: driven to achieve her goals whilst simultaneously showing a softness and empathy for her clients that won their hearts. Excellent communication and customer service was the backbone of Sarah’s outstanding sales career. I saw these same skills later translate seamlessly into her corporate role: opening doors that others couldn’t and allowing her to connect people, create team harmony and develop leaders and industry groups. In particular I witnessed Sarah working with business owners in a region where there had long been a culture of friction and fighting. Within a short time Sarah was able to encourage and develop a genuinely tight knit community with relationships conducive to their brand and business success

– Glenn Carpenter, Ray White, Business Owner

“Sarah Pearce is vibrant, energetic, passionate and knowledgeable about everything property and digital – a rare find in our experience and we look forward to engaging her as a speaker!”
Nigel Jeffries, Head of Trade Me Property

“Sarah Pearce is an expert within the property industry. She is nurturing of the next business generation, highly driven and gets results.”

Kyron Gosse, Freedom Investor

“We recently engaged Sarah Pearce as keynote speaker for our annual conference. Her communication style was effective and tailored to the audience. The feedback from all attendees (regardless their role) was extremely positive. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement that relates to sales and business improvement.”

Hannah McQueen, Founder/Director of enable Me NZ

“Sarah Pearce’s collaborative approach brings out the very best in people. And it’s not just ideas with Sarah, she also has the work ethic to see them through. Sarah has always stood out to me as someone who has the unique ability to make things happen.”
David Palfreyman, Barfoots, NZ Executive

“Being a young professional and new into the corporate world, Sarah Pearce came along at the perfect time to further the training of our company, but also to work with me in a mentoring role. I can speak openly and frankly with Sarah as she has been in a similar corporate environment and knows how it all works. She has helped me look at my strengths and skills and my confidence has grown as we created a career path together. Having a coach independent of the immediate workplace is invaluable. It has really made me see my worth along with areas that I need to improve. I highly recommend Sarah’s coaching and training to professionals at all levels of the business community.”

– Jasmine Rimmer

“Sarah is an energiser bunny with a passion for life. I had the pleasure of working with her in the creation of YPIRE (Young Professionals In Real Estate) and without her motivation, ideas and support we wouldn’t be where we are at today. Her ability to make things happen is amazing!”

– Rick Hale, Barfoots

“I have really enjoyed my business meetings with Sarah over the past few years. Sarah has a passion for people and business. She has the ability to think outside the square and develop innovative methods for the recruitment and retention of personnel. Her work ethic, contagious personality and people skills are outstanding. I would not hesitate in recommending her skill set  to anyone as a coach/ mentor who could assist in taking their business to the next level.”

Garry Malcolm, Re/Max Taranaki

I first got acquainted with Sarah Pearce when I saw her bigger than life size photo on marketing sign boards scattered around the North Shore. I thought “Who is this savvy marketer – the women in red, boldly branded as “property match-maker”? I then saw her pop up on Location, Location, Location followed by another reality TV property show – and I thought then this woman is going places. Years later we ended up both working as colleagues for an international Real Estate corporation at their Head Office in Auckland and I got to know Sarah first hand, and my respect for her unique skill-set, quick mind and genuine kindness grew exponentially.

In my career I have spent over twenty years as a Recruiter and Trainer and have interviewed, assessed and trained hundreds of operatives and executives. I know talent, sharpness of mind and genuineness of purpose and vision when I see it. Sarah is truly gifted and affects people at a deep almost primal level – of which she seems to be unaware – this is part of her charm.

People are drawn to her, trust her, listen to her and she empowers change – she is one of those people that challenges inertia – influencing and activating people and organisations to move forward towards their goals and to achieve great things. I call her a People Whisperer. :)”
– Patricia (Trish) Love, Premium

“Sarah was a presenter at our regional (Asia, Pacific, Middle East, Africa offices) conference this year & the feedback was outstanding. She delivered up to date information we needed in a way that was easy to understand & with great takeaways. Examples of reviews:

“Fabulous! Great overview and actionable steps to follow!”

“Excellent presentation. I learnt a lot about the importance of using social media”

“Awesome insight and presentation”

“Sarah Pearce delivered a professional fast moving and easily comprehended seminar. Hope to see her at future conferences”

Wayne Howett, CEO Ronald McDonald House Charities NZ

“Sarah is a force to be reckoned with! I have known her for some years now and can vouch for her professionalism, innovative thinking and drive to achieve the best results for her clients. Her exceptional communication (both online and offline) and skills in negotiation have helped her achieve outstanding results in recruitment. She is a motivational speaker who inspires others to succeed.”

Sonia Tafilipepe, Mike Pero, Business Owner

I’ve known Sarah for a number of years now in both professional and personal capacity — being that it is incredibly hard not to end up friends with Sarah anyway due to the sheer warmth and openness of her personality. Sarah is one of the most hard-working and engaged people I have met, and this inevitably shines through in the work that she does. She’s one of those people who can start an entire industry group from scratch as if it were all in a day’s work or get up on stage in front of hundreds of people and have the audience hanging off her every word – I have seen both of these things first hand. I would like to think of Sarah as one of the ‘lucky ones’ who appears to effortlessly influence, embrace and change people or businesses for the better but I know luck has nothing to do with it and there’s a lot of hard work and dedication that goes in behind it all.
I would not hesitate in recommending Sarah in any professional capacity from mentoring, group coaching, presenting, right through to a good old fashioned coffee and chat – you could not find better!

– Zac Snelling, Ray White, NZ Executive

“The minute I met Sarah Pearce I knew this dynamic woman had something special to offer. Over the time I have known her she has proved me right: Innovative, creative, determined, prepared to share her knowledge and create a better industry.”

– Bronwyn Kay, BK Agency, Business Owner

“Sarah Pearce has a straight-talking and honest approach, backed by years of experience and business and property knowledge. She tailored her coaching to suit my specific business needs so it was fast-paced and relevant.”

– J. Leigh, CEO M-Designs

“Sarah Pearce strikes that perfect balance of expectation and trust that very few mentors truly achieve. She instills that unique feeling that anything is possible, while having an extremely high expectation of performance. She wholeheartedly believes and trusts that you already have what it takes to succeed and doesn’t try to change your vision or goals. She simply creates an environment that is conducive for success. I hold Sarah Pearce responsible for my rapid growth and success and anyone looking at engaging leadership training should without a doubt contact Sarah.”

-Jared Cooksley, Ray White, Business Owner