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Every person has the power to drive change in their own lives. To be the force behind action. To create something new. If you want to create change you need to think different.

-Sarah Pearce

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Sarah Pearce is sought after by many organisations for her unique blend of knowledge in business, sales and digital identity. Sarah is engaged to speak and train on:

Leadership: Connecting people, creating tribes: the psychology of recruitment and retention.

Sales Psychology 101: Understanding humans – Because “one size does not fit all.”

Social Media Best Practice: The speed of “right” and avoiding the “urge to purge.”

Personal Brand: The art and business of being yourself.

Sales & Social Media: Utilising social media as your secret sales weapon.

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As your business or career coach, Sarah works with you on a one-on-one basis. She begins by listening carefully to your business needs and goals, then diagnoses a coaching plan specifically tailored to fit your situation. She then regularly assesses your implementation of this plan and stays with you every step of the way, tracking your success. Sarah helps you create and maintain a reputable, successful business that is constantly growing and evolving. She works with businesses at every stage in their growth cycle, from startup to established. She also career-counsels individuals from all areas of work, mapping out the most efficient path for their best success.

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Sarah Pearce is engaged to train both large and small groups on a variety of topics including leadership, team performance, culture and communication, sales skills, branding, social media strategy and more. Thanks to her practical experience at multiple levels, she is able to teach skills and mind-set from a front-line position (such as sales and customer service), through to middle-management, corporate executives and senior leadership. Many take advantage of the subsequent, one-on-one coaching that Sarah also offers and go on to become even more influential, indispensable and engaged in their work as a result.
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What people say about you and your business online has become the most important reflection of your integrity, reliability and skill. Sarah Pearce is author of best-selling, Online Reputation: Your Most Valuable Asset In A Digital Age. Readers will uncover the seven deadly sins of online behavior and gather the tools needed to outshine their competition. They will learn from compelling case studies how social media can destroy a good reputation in an instant — and what they must do to protect their own. Sarah Pearce’s book is available for purchase now in both print and kindle format at Amazon. Link: BOOK

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