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Every person has the power to drive change in their own lives. To be the force behind action. To create something new. If you want to create change you need to think different.

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Conference speaker, Sarah Pearce, is sought after by many organisations for her unique blend of knowledge in business, online and reputation. In her keynote Don’t be a digital dinosaur: Future-proof your business! Be safe. Be seen. Stay relevant  she brings a new perspective to the topics of sales, marketing and reputation. Known for being both educational and entertaining, Sarah empowers the business community with tools and insights for success.

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As your business or career coach, Sarah works with you on a one-on-one basis. She begins by listening carefully to your business needs and goals, then diagnoses a coaching plan specifically tailored to fit your situation; tracking your success and staying with you every step of the way.

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Sarah Pearce is engaged in training both large and small groups on a variety of topics including recruitment, social media marketing, leadership, team performance, communication, sales skills, branding and more. She is able to teach skills and mindset from a front-line position, through middle management, corporate executives, and senior leadership.

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In Sarah’s, Online Reputation: Your Most Valuable Asset in A Digital Age, readers uncover the seven deadly sins of online behavior and gather the tools needed to outshine their competition. Learn from compelling case studies how social media can destroy a good reputation in an instant – and what you must do to protect your own. Available now on Amazon

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